LinkedIn for marketers

Today’s largest professional network, LinkedIn, was founded in 2003 with the mission to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. Despite being a niche social network, they have an impressive number of 645 million members over 200 countries, with more than 70% are outside of the US and more than 30 million companies listed.

Workers, employers and students can create their profiles and include information about their professional skills, experiences, achievements and more. It’s possible to interact connecting or following people and companies, apply for job offers, post texts, photos, documents, videos, articles and like, comment and share on others posts. There are many other features related to professional life.

LinkedIn for business

LinkedIn allows businesses to create their Business Page showing company information and engaging with the community. Some of the most relevant features for business are:

  • Post text, image, videos or links
  • Attract talent and recruit candidates using powerful job tools
  • Share PowerPoints, PDFs and Word Docs
  • Associate your Page to hashtags of interests
  • Insights from Analytics tools
  • Re-share employees’ posts
  • Extend the reach using Elevate, an employee advocacy tool

Marketing possibilities on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a distinctive audience of 63M decision-makers, 17M opinion leaders, 6M IT decision-makers, 3M MBA graduated, 10M C-level executives and 90M senior-level influencers.

The objective-based advertising in Campaign Manager provides campaign segmentation for awareness, engagement and conversion. There are a variety of advertisement solutions; the most important are:

  • Sponsored Content: native ads in the LinkedIn feed
  • Sponsored InMail: send personalized messages to the people
  • Text, video and carousel ads: drive professionals to take action
  • Dynamic Ads: engage prospects with ads automatically personalized to them

Marketers have the benefits of some features like conversion tracking with website tag option, uploaded custom audience, remarketing, lead generation with forms, website analytics and more.

Gathering more than a half-billion of professionals, LinkedIn is a go-to for marketers who want to reach professionals or business-to-business in campaigns.

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