Why social media marketing?

Why social media marketing

Today the social media is almost required for any business. According to Fast Company’s study, more than 90% of the marketers make use of social media in their campaigns, and most brands on Fortune 500 has an active page on Twitter or Facebook.

6 in 10 local businesses say that having an online presence is important for their long-term success.

Facebook IQ

One of the most significant differences between social media and traditional media channels is that, instead of sending a one-way message, the brand can have a dialogue with people. This conversation allows the business to create a more powerful relationship with its audience, develop online communities and brand advocates.

Top social networks for marketing

Creating meaningful content for your audience makes it possible for them to share it with their audience and amplify the reach of the messages. A good starting point to multiply the exposure of the posts is to encourage the staff to share the content on their social profiles.

Measure all social media profiles from the beginning is a vital strategy for business. Watching the data insights makes it possible to understand better the audience, keep track of the audience’s sentiments about the products or services, discover which social media are more useful for the business goals and anticipate a crisis.

Have you made good use of your business social media?

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