Facebook for marketers

Facebook for marketers

Created in 2004, Facebook is one of the biggest social media networks and more than a billion users worldwide. They aim to “give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” among many different tools and features.

Business presence on Facebook

The first step to put a business on Facebook is creating a Business Page. It’s possible to include information about the brand, location map, business hours and some milestones in history, for instance. This particular type of profile allows organizations to publish different kinds of content like:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video (recorded or live)
  • Event
  • Poll
  • Product or service offer
  • Job opportunity

Business Page adds special features such as displaying menu, list of services with a description or even a shopping section. The public can interact with the page liking, commenting, sharing or sending private messages. People who have management access granted to the page has an admin panel to access tools and insights that help to improve workflow and optimization of the business presence inside Facebook.

For agencies or big corporations, there is a Business Manager tool that allows managing all ad accounts, pages, assets, applications and users permissions divided into multiple teams in one place. That is a crucial tool for marketers to deal with campaigns and clients management daily.

How to promote business on Facebook

Facebook’s marketing solutions are separated into three different goals: 

  1. Raise awareness
  2. Grow engagement
  3. Boost conversions

To gain recognition, marketers can create visual campaigns for a defined audience, extend the reach of a video in a selected context or use a geographical scope for promotions or local stores. For more engagement, it’s possible to generate lead forms, encourage people to download or come back to an app, get access to a website or promote posts of the timeline. For conversions, Facebook offers some graphics campaigns to inspire people to take action on a website, online store or mobile app.

Further the marketing solutions, Facebook has other tools that help the strategic and operational team during campaigns. Some examples are the omnichannel Analytic, insights from the IQ, content manager Creator Studio and the private social media Workplace.

In a group with Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and others, Facebook became an essential platform for marketers.

How have you used Facebook for your business?

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