Social Media Profile Optimization

Team talking about social media optimization

Business profile pages on social media are, in many cases, the front door for people to know or engage with brands. Layout, information and features differ across the channels, but some general tips can help marketers and business owners to optimize their pages.

Content optimization

First, try to keep a consistent name and username in all of them for easy memorization and recognition. Depending on the brand’s name, it’s hard to get a more original name and sometimes impossible to use the complete name. In these cases, it is recommended to create variations, but they must be consistent across several social media.

The visual impact is the first thing people see when visiting your page, so use high-quality images to catch attention. In the profile image, the best option is often the logo, but if the company’s logo isn’t fit well to see in thumbnail sizes, try to create an adapted version of it or use the most relevant graphic associated with the brand. The cover image has a significant position in the page and must be used to highlight the brand style, a new product, an upcoming event or a promotion, for instance. To ensure that the image content is visible, test across desktops, tablets and smartphones.

A business description has to be uniform over the different channels. Each social media network has distinctive information fields and text size limitations, however filling every possible information increase the page relevance. Remember that just the begging of the text appears typically on search results, thus put important information first.

Additional features as an advantage

Some social media allows administrators to include a website link in the biography section of the page, use this link to drive traffic for the company website or a promotional page. Remember to test all the links and make sure that the site is mobile-friendly because most users will access using smartphones. It’s possible to pin one post at the beginning of the timeline of Facebook or Twitter, for example. Use this space to show up relevant content for newcomers.

On the other end, it’s a recommendation to include the social media profile links on the website of the company and also add the social share links in the content to let people show pages to a new audience.

To be more effective in traffic, engagement and conversion on the social media profile page, make sure you have an interesting visual, relevant content and use the best practices for optimization.

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