Checklist to write successful text ad headlines and descriptions

Writer using a typewriter to create ads headlines and descriptions

Stand out your text ads in search result pages writing headlines and descriptions to be specific, relevant, attractive, and empowering. This checklist shares the best topics to cover in a successful text ad.

1. High query relevance

Keywords in your ad text show your ad’s relevance to what people want. Search these keywords to see what results appear. Write a word that appeals to what people will see on the results page.

Example: Buy digital camera (If the digital camera is a keyword in the ad group)

2. Product or service

What are you offering? What are its features?

Example: Certified pre-owned cars / Bouquets from local growers

3. The problem you’re solving & benefits

Step into your customers’ shoes. How does your offering add value, solve their problems and improve their lives? Try testing different adjectives that would describe these benefits, like relaxing, luxurious, or comfortable.

Example: Hassle-free meals in 30 minutes. No cooking required. / Post your job in multiples sites in seconds.

4. Brand

If you have a strong brand, emphasize it. Use the brand name or its variations in the headlines and descriptions.

Example: Brand name / Official Site

5. Slogans and taglines

Short and striking phrase. Include ways that define your brand, such as title/sentence case, punctuation or trademark symbols.

Example: Ask more of your phone / Build what’s next

6. Call to action

What do you want your customers to do? Add urgency. Think about what part of the customer journey they user may be in when searching for keywords in the ad group. Key benefits about your product or business may be more impactful earlier in the process.

Example: Schedule a test drive today / Book your hotel in Las Vegas

7. Trust

Why should customers trust you? Give them arguments so they can trust your brand.

Example: Certified and Accredited / Over 10 years’ experience

8. Inventory & selection

What categories, options and selections do you offer?

Example: 100s of options to choose from / Five stars hotel in New York

9. Support & customer service

How do you provide support? What are the costs and availability? Include this information in your headlines or descriptions.

Example: 24/7 service / Call toll-free

10. Warranties or guarantees

What assurances can you offer? Show these benefits in your headlines and descriptions.

Example: Lifetime warranty / Low price guaranteed

11. Shipping & Returns

What shipping options do you provide and at what cost? How do customers return products, and what are the prices?

Example: Free shipping / Same-day delivery

12. Pricing & fees

Prices, taxes, processing and fees. Think about what part of the customer journey they user may be in when searching for keywords in the ad group. Highlight pricing when they are closer to purchase.

Example: Book from $100 / No cancellation fees

13. Incentives & discounts

Quantifiable and non-quantifiable discounts and deals.

Example: Up to 50% off / Weekend deals

14. Payment Details

What payment options and schedules do you provide? How do you provide a better payment experience than your competitors?

Example: Buy with confidence today / Fast & secure payment options

15. Awards, Ratings, Reviews

Quantifiable as well as generic ratings and reviews. Look through your customer testimonials about how they describe your business and incorporate their voice in your ads.

Example: Serving over 1 million happy customers / 5-star service

Source: Search Creative Best Practices Guide

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