Benefits of Google’s Audience on search campaigns

Benefits of Google’s Audience on search campaigns

Tools available on Google’s Audience help you to reach valuable customers for your search campaign. This solution allows you to create lists of audiences based on a variety of different signals, use them into your ad groups and customize your bids, creatives and keywords to deliver a tailor-made campaign for each group.

Why Google’s Audience?

There are three advantages you have in your search campaign when using audiences:

  • Adjustable bidding: make sure you’re making the right bids when certain groups of people are searching for you. If you bid higher for specific audiences, you’ll potentially have your ad shown in a better position when people search for you. Or if specific audiences might not have as strong a performance as others do, so you can reduce your bids when those audiences search for you.
  • Keyword expansion: expand your keyword set to more broad terms and more general terms. Engage the mid- and upper-funnel for greater reach. Create ad groups that target generic keywords and show ads only to specific audiences because bidding for generic keywords can be costly.
  • Creative customization: reaching your audience with the right message will improve the user experience and lead to a higher CTR for the search campaign. Build ad groups to specific audience lists and create bespoke text ads for those groups of people.

How to fit it in your marketing goal

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Depending on your marketing goal, you can choose from different solutions to meet your campaign objectives.

Create awareness:

  • Detailed Demographics allows advertisers to reach people based on advanced demographic criteria like marital status, education, parenting stage, and homeownership.
  • Affinity Audiences aggregates people who have demonstrated a keen interest in a given topic.

Drive consideration:

  • In-Market Audiences is a way to drive consideration among people who are actively researching the products or services you, including those thinking of buying from other places.
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) helps you reach people who have engaged with your website or YouTube channel in the past. But first, you need to set up your remarketing list.
  • Similar Audiences for Search helps you find new customers that share the behaviours and characteristics of your remarketing audience segments. 

Customer loyalty:

  • Customer Match allows you to upload your data into Google Ads and reach custom segments across devices. Find your loyal customers, exclude your current customers, and expand to reach those that resemble your customers.
  • RLSA can help you reach those who were your customers in the past.

Using Google’s Audience solutions, you can combine the intent from search keywords with insights about potential customers group. What about enriching your audience targeting efficiency?

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