Take advantage of Google Ads Optimization Score

Google Ads optimization score dashboard

To keep all your campaigns optimized on Google Ads is a challenging task, right? Especially when you manage multiple accounts because many different aspects affect the campaign performance and ROI. That’s why Google Ads created the Optimization Score.

What is the optimization score?

The optimization score is a scale of 0 to 100% that you can find on your Recommendations page on Google Ads. The higher score is better, and it means that your campaign is running with more potential.

Along with the score, you can find a list of suggestions grouped by areas. There you have the opportunity to view, dismiss or apply the tip directly to your campaign. The good part is that while you interact with the recommendations, you have your score updated instantly.

The benefits of this optimization

The score uses different methods, such as statistical models, simulations, and machine learning, to determine which improvements can boost campaign performance. This can save a lot of time spent on campaign analysis to find opportunities for growth. And sometimes, implementing the suggestion is just a click away.

In addition to having real-time estimates of your campaign performance, this tool creates suggestions based on your campaign. It means that those are not generic suggestions, it was tailored made to your campaign’s objectives. These resources are available for campaigns, accounts and even for manager accounts (or MCCs).

How does optimization score work?

Optimization score looks across crucial aspects of your accounts, including statistics, settings, and industry trends. When an opportunity is detected, the system provides recommendations to close the gap, and if a proposal can have more impact, it’s weighted more heavily toward your overall score.

With over 50 types of recommendations, this score helps you make your advertising more efficient, reach new audiences, and spend more wisely. As you grow, your optimization score can change. That’s because the algorithm regularly checks recommendations for your account and adds new suggestions.

Use Optimization Score to help your campaign on Google Ads achieve its full potential. With just a few clicks, you can apply recommendations to get the best results for your advertising budget.

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